Arrive on the scene, that is. Make your presence felt through a comprehensive set of features. The Emriq platform allows you the physician and/or the practice to establish and experience the connected world through a variety of ways. Interfaces and plug-ins allow you to maintain a rich presence online as well as offer patients the option to communicate with you securely and privately through their favorite choice.


Fully integrated platform allows users to connect to 3rd party systems easily and comes with some interfaces already built-in. This allows the users to not only access records and health information easily, safely and quickly but also get in touch with all stake holders in multiple ways. Standards based data means portability of records from and to 3rd party systems. Voice integration offers a whole different set of options to make work faster and easier.


Ideas are not on any one side, you may have some ideas on how to use, view or manage the application and this platform allows you to build your own solutions through widgets, published APIs and established interfaces. This includes reporting, data mining, form creation, process definition, data import etc.


Record portability and data interchange allows users to share data with authorized users easily. Or internally configure data for the right audience. Each department or clinic can have their own subset of data from the superset of a patient's system wide data. Patients themselves can share like-data with other patients to do data syndication. Share info with other hospitals and doctors as well as provide easy access to records - all securely .