Review of Systems Review of Systems

This is an application to create patient medical record for Review of systems. This is intended for healthcare professionals to create consult record in real time before posting it to a master EMR system.

Users enter information in the ROS Consult Form on the mobile device. On completion the data can be sent as a text attachment via email which then can be used for record keeping or processed and sent to a 3rd system.

All data is encrypted for security and password protected such that if the device is lost the data cannot be accessed or read by unauthorized users. This form incorporates standard elements of an ROS Form but it is not intended to be the comprehensive patient record.

Data can also be set to automatic delete after the email is sent such that no patient information is saved in the device.

Home Screen ROS Form One of the subform
Home Screen ROS Form One of the subform

App set up

  • First access Physician Info option from the phone menu button
  • Enter physician (user) info including the password. Pls. Note that you will need to enter the password to access the application
  • Save the information

Using the App

Use this application to create ROS forms in an easy, convenient and unobtrusive way. Forms created are then available for email as a text attachment or for saving to the device. Please check with your organization on rules relating to saving data on the device. Forms can also be completed and emailed to your address without saving the data. Data files saved to the device can be deleted from the main page. Data is sent to your designated email address from which this data can then be transferred to the main medical records application or printed out for chart inclusion.

Saving data

Selecting Save button in each section will save the information for that session -ie, data will be erased if you press the back button to leave the form you are working on and go to the main page Selecting Save to File button will save the information on the device for different session - ie, the data will be saved even if you exit the application Please check with your organisation regarding rules relating to saving data on the device.

Emailing data

Data can be emailed from inside the form or from the main page. Once a new form is started the user can email the form at any point in the form (before closing the session) by selecting the Email button at the bottom of the screen. If the data is saved to file (selecting Save to File option), then the data can be accessed and emailed at any point by accessing the email (envelope) icon displayed beside each file name.

Entering ROS forms

  • Click on the New Ros Form button to open a new form
  • Start with the Patient Information section
  • Save the information
  • Select the section you want to access and enter the information
  • Email the data from the form if you have completed the form
  • Save to File if you need to complete it later
  • Email from the main page by selecting the email icon displayed beside the file name
  • To delete a file select the delete button displayed beside the file name
  • Exit by pressing the back button or Home button

For more questions/details, contact us.

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