What is the Emriq offline application?

This is a stand alone module of the Emriq online Medical Records System. This is meant to be downloaded and installed on the user's computer to create medical records, generate prescriptions, look up drugs etc.

What is the difference between online and offline applications?

Emriq's flagship product is the online solution. An on line version is a web based application that the user connects to via the internet. It requires the user (user's computer) to be connected to the internet to use the application, examples of other online solutions are email, banking software, bill payment applications etc.

While an offline solution is the more typical model of software applications, where the software is downloaded and installed in the user's computer. Once installed it can be used in a stand alone mode without connecting to the internet(offline).

Why do you offer online and offline versions of your software?

Online or networked model of software applications provide a huge advantage in functionality, efficiency and productivity over offline (stand alone) models. And online represents the next generation of software delivery model. We feel that all software used will be online shortly. But we also offer an offline version because as it currently stands users are not connected to the internet all the time and there are occasions when internet connectivity is limited or unavailable. So an offline version will complement the online version and ensure 100% usage. It should also be noted that the offline version that we are offering is fully stand alone and can be used without any online requirement.

Who is this application suited for?

This application is suited for any and all healthcare professionals that require to keep track of patient information, search or select drugs from an updated drug database or tracking patient health outcomes.

What is the cost of this application?

This application is currently being offered as a totally free download for a limited time.

How to install the offline application?

Installation of offline applicatin is very easy. Download Adobe AIR from the website. Download the offline application and just double click it.

Why am I not able to install application??

Make sure that you have latest version of Adobe AIR installed on your machine. Still if you face any problem, drop an email to support@emriq.com

Why is this being offered free initially?

This application is being offered free initially because we are launching this version and need to get users to try out this product. We are confident that once users start using it they will recognize the value, the ease and productivity and get wide acceptance in the industry quickly.

How much training is required?

From our tests we have found that the vast majority of users were able to use the application without any training as it is small and very intuitive with simple navigation that is very user friendly and tolerant. Even users not very familiar with software applications were able to navigate the system. We provide a user manual with this application and training is available for those who need it

Is support available?

We have support available via online and telephone options

What kind of drug database is included?

We have included a built-in drug database covering medicines available in the Indian market. This includes the generic and brand names and manufacturers

What are the basic features included?

  • Patient Registration
  • Health history
  • Prescription generator
  • Drug database
  • Patient photo printer
  • Search and report

What are the system requirements?

Any system running Windows XP or later is sufficient.

For further queries contact info@emriq.com