Electronic health records are supposed to make healthcare record management efficient and the provider's life easier. But the results have been mixed and clearly not the slam dunk that was promised. The issues with digital medical record systems are one or more of the following:

  • Cost
  • Maintainence
  • Usability


We are introducing the Emriq Medical Records platform that addresses the problems typically associated with electronic records systems.

  • No big upfront license cost
  • No new hardware or software
  • No onsite installation or deployment fee
  • No local maintenance issues
  • All maintenance handled by us
  • User defined process flows and policies

Our system provides a safe and secure way of acquiring, managing and maintaining customer records.

But that is only the beginning

The transition to digital records from paper should be an evolutionary process to ensure its success. But once you are there the rewards should be revolutionary. That is where our platform based solution delivers. There is no reason why today's connected digital model should not be leveraged in healthcare solutions to revolutionize medical service. Based on this idea we are developing a comprehensive set of capabilities that will enhance patient care and make provider life truly easier.

To learn about how to do a Whole Lot More with your electronics records platform check out the Platform section.